Synonyms for explode

Below you can find synonyms for explode, grouped by different word groups. If there are any antonyms for the word explode in our database they are also shown alongside the synonyms.

Synonyms for explode (verb)

Synonyms for explode (verb)

Synonyms for explode (verb)

Synonyms for explode (verb)

Synonyms for explode (verb)

Synonyms for explode (idiom)

Example sentences for explode

Below you can find example sentences for the word explode, meaning that the sentences below show you how to use the word explode in a sentence. The sentences are collected from Wikipedia, at the end of each sentence is a link to the article from which the sentence stems.

  1. The shell failed to explode and shattered on impact on the 8-inch side armor, causing minimal damage.  
  2. Two shells hit Sydney, one of which disabled the aft fire control station; the other failed to explode.  
  3. A second torpedo hit but failed to explode, and a shell hit the cruiser's mainmast, killing two crewmen.  
  4. The heat-seeking missile hit the plane's starboard wing and exploded, causing the inner engine to also explode.  
  5. The tower seems to explode from the fa├žade, accentuated by the columns and pilasters canted against the curved walls.  

More information about explode

Other ways to learn more about the meaning of the word explode is to search for certain keywords related to the word. For example one of these is to search for the spelling of the word explode. Another thing to do is to search for the definition of the word explode in order to learn more about the meaning. One last tip is to utilize antonyms (opposites) to explode, in order to get more in-depth information.

Figures about explode

Below you can find some technical information about the word explode.

  • Number of characters: 7
  • Number of consonants: 4
  • Number of vowels: 3

What are synonyms and antonyms?

A synonym for a word is plain and simple another word that can be used to replace the original word, burst is as an example a synonym to explode. Keep in mind though that it might not always be so simple as to just replace a word using its synonym, one should always keep in mind the text's nuance. Antonyms on the other hand are opposite words, meaning words that are the complete opposite of the original word.

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